Services-Differenciated Cards-Ecological Line

IntelCav has pioneered the launch of differentiated cards that service not only payments in financial or retail institutions, but also the most demanding applications in segments like transportation, telecom, authentication, identification and digital certification, among others.

Our design highlights include mini-cards and special formats, like curved cards, modern layout and other variations than the traditional rectangle.

We also create other innovations, like transparent, holographic cards, cards with colored or customized borders or aromatic scents, among other options. Our high quality standards have been recognized through our receiving of the Fernando Pini award for graphic excellence from the Brazilian Printing Industry Association (Associação Brasileira da Indústria Gráfica - Abigraf Nacional).

IntelCav offers a full range of alternative raw material sources, such as PVC, polycarbonate and other substrates, from the simplest materials up to those that meet tougher standards and enable the use of special paints, are more durable and feature other special characteristics. We are also actively engaged in environmentally responsible technologies development. We are pioneers in the manufacture of cards using Recycled PET bottles, which leads us the 2009 Eco Prize. The line of ecological cards also features cards made of Biodegradable material, Recycled PVC and PET-G.

Post-Consumption Recycled PET

Winner of the 2009 Eco Award in the Sustainable Product Category, this is the first plastic card on the market to be produced from transparent PET soft drink and water bottles. With all materials certified through ISO/IEC 7810, ISO/IEC 7811-1 and NCITS 322 parameters, the product is highly resistant to twisting and bending and is highly durable. On top of its important technical characteristics, the recycled PET card offers significant socio-environmental benefits, such as social inclusion and generation of income along with the preservation of the environment. Producing 1000 cards is equivalent to recovering 83 PET bottles from the environment.


PET – G (Polyethylene Glycol Terephtalate) is a noble material obtained from oil. It’s considered environmentally correct because it’s chlorine free and 100% recyclable (not recycled!). The material has high mechanical resistance and flexibility so it is recommended for the production of identification documents that need to last longer, and can also be used to produce all types of cards. PET – G is widely used in Europe and Asia in ID production.

Recycled PVC

Recycled PVC is produced from residue from IntelCav’s plastic card manufacturing process. It appears in products like chips and triturated cards, and the material boasts properties that are similar to traditional PVC and, therefore, compatible with the applications that demand the same parameters. Recycled PVC diminishes the use of natural resources and reinforces an important attitude shift that is necessary for the preservation of the environment.


IntelCav's Bbiodegradable card is manufactured in PVC, and contains additives that help its polymers degrade much faster than normal in nature. Lamination, embossing and a variety of overlays with high adherence guarantee maximum safety for the biodegradable laminated cards. To IntelCav, offering the best solution is the same as harmonizing the best of technology with the environment.