Millions of Brazilians use public transportation daily – and IntelCav is with them. We supply cards for all the principal electronic ticket systems through contactless card technology.

We offer state-of-the-art technology products like Dual Interface. This card conducts both contact and contactless payment operations through chips. This allows the card to be used to pay for transportation (it’s read by the receptive machine on the vehicle or train) as well as make traditional payments at stores and service companies that require the use of chips.


IntelCav has revolutionized quality standards for the card manufacturing industry in Brazil. Working with some of the most respected banking, financial and retail institutions in Brazil and abroad producing, recording, manipulating and remitting their plastic cards. We are among the largest manufacturers of bank cards in the world, and we offer the most modern and safest solutions in different segments.

Although EMV migration is not complete, non-contact payment systems have aroused interest in the possibility of micro-payments

Some reasons for this worldwide trend:

- Fast transaction time

- Convenience

- Reliability

- The user is accustomed to contactless technology, widely present in public transport