Services-Identification-Associated Cards


IntelCav not only offers products, but also complete support and consultancy to government bodies and public and private companies for civil identification programs like the new Brazilian Id Card (RIC).

This type of product requires state-of-the-art technology for printing safety items, such as special paints, micro text and UV paint. Secure and modern customization processes are also important in civil identification projects, such as embedding a chip as the product’s safety key.

IntelCav's advanced card production and customization technology allow us to offer governmental institutions different substrate options, such as PVC, Polycarbonate, PET, among others.

The same technology can be also applied to cards being used for event and stadium access as well as association cards.

Associated Cards

When the RIC national identification project was conceived, there was an explosion of card technologies being applied in a variety of identification areas. At the present time, the highest levels in the government as well as professional associations and general membership cards are based on the technologies that ID Card provided as a reference. By using high technology products and productive innovations, IntelCav offers cards in polycarbonate, with chips, laser customization, protective films and special paints as the principal safety items. Digital certification and biometry are technologies that can be included in the chip to add more value to the solution.