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As well as manufacturing cards, IntelCav offers a wide range of services that answer the most pressing demands of its clients. These services go far beyond the tangible benefits. This is IntelCav's customer satisfaction commitment in action.

Variable Data Customization in Cards

Data application is achieved through thermo printing, embossing, ident print, magnetic borders, bar codes, smart cards, mifare and contactless. We also conduct milling embedding services and safety key for smart card manipulation, and scratch-off application for pre-paid or promotional cards. We also do customization in Braille and/or work with adjusted fonts.


Manual and/or automatic enveloping with variable data printing on graphic material, distribution and treatment of returns.

Input Stock Control

The management of entry and exit of graphic materials like envelopes, folders, tags, etc, is automated (ERP) and in accordance with the management and/or purchase area, which enables the replenishment of materials when necessary.

Supply of Graphic Inputs

Besides managing the stock, IntelCav can also acquire specific graphic materials, which facilitates client control due to the centralization of services.


Quick and secure process because of the existence of an internal cell of the main logistic operators. Development of control and print software with standards that meet the most demanding customer requirements.