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Means of Payment

First, IntelCav has revolutionized quality standards in the card manufacturing sector in Brazil. Then it achieved the trust of some of the most respected banking, financial and retail institutions in Brazil and abroad, which adopted cards produced, recorded, manipulated and remitted by the company. That's why IntelCav today is one of the largest manufacturers of cards in the world, offering the most modern and safe debit and credit card solutions.

Certified by American Express, MasterCard and Visa, IntelCav produces credit and debit cards, gift cards and pre-paid cards with different technologies like magnetic borders, embedded chips, and contactless cards.


For 10 years IntelCav has followed the changes in the financial market in Brazil, and has always remained open to technological innovations and trends in the sector.

Nowadays, IntelCav is a part of the history of the financial segment. And we’ve faced the challenges in the segment with quality, punctuality and innovation. We’re a pioneeri company that has never rested on its laurels and, in fact, looks to the future.

The EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) standard allows a card to be used in any part of the world with the same standard for debit and credit functions.

With that standard, institutions guarantee that their brand is present daily in the life of the user. This is a smart card that is not only safe but an important value added tool as well.

Private Label

Meant for retail networks, IntelCav's Private Label offers a wide range of products. We are very flexible and can provide customized solutions that are client focused – which means we know what it takes to incorporate new features and additional products based on the client’s specific requirements.

The launch of a Private Label card allows our clients to create an exclusive identity that conveys the status and image quality that their business needs.

This is an excellent tool for creating new businesses, stimulating sales on commemorative dates or conducting strategic retail actions.

Gift Card

A gift card is an excellent tool for creating new businesses, stimulating sales on festive dates or conducting strategic retail actions.

In order to fulfill requirements of producing cards with high print quality and creative details, this product line offers features that allow the clients to have the distinction of a customized card.


A complete line of resources that add value and allow distinctive products to be created – that's how IntelCav fulfills the exclusive demands of this segment. We maintain our tradition of high quality printing and our capacity of delivering within the agreed upon terms.