About IntelCav Technology and Cards

About IntelCav Technology and Cards

IntelCav has revolutionized quality standards for the card manufacturing industry in Brazil. Working with some of the most respected banking, financial and retail institutions in Brazil and abroad producing, recording, manipulating and remitting their plastic cards. We are among the largest manufacturers of bank cards in the world, and we offer the most modern and safest solutions in different segments.


"To be the best in the segment, where we are chosen for our quality, innovation, safety, flexbility and socio - environmental responsability".


"To supply products and services that achieve excellence in quality and safety while exceeding our clients’ expectations and guaranteeing return on investment for our shareholders and the professional growth for our associates".


Ethics - To act correctly and fairly towards shareholders, associates, clients, suppliers, government bodies, the local community and the general society by respecting both the laws and our organizational policies.

Integrity - To honor our commitments and assume responsibility for our actions.

Respect - To respect people and their beliefs, values and individuality. To value diversity in ideas and opinions by dealing with opposing points of view and differences with dignity.

Cooperation - To always be willing to share ideas and knowledge and to encourage cooperation among all hierarchical levels and in every activity in the company.

Commitment - To focus our efforts on the accomplishment of our objectives and goals by generating results through living our corporate values.

Transparency - To inspire clear and open communication among all hierarchical levels with our shareholders and customers as well.

Effectiveness - To work in a flexible, persistent and responsible way while guaranteeing that our actions achieve the best results for our clients, shareholders and associates.

Quality Policy

Meeting customers' expectations throught improvements in products and technology solutions;

Promote the integration and satisfaction of Employees, aiming at their professional growth;

Consolidate the Brand throught the dissemination of Quality, increased profitability and expansion in the Market.